The main Chair’s objectives are to create and promote an integrated system of educational, scientific, informational and organizational measures for training specialists for theRepublicofBelarusin the field of energy saving including widespread use of renewable energy sources and the best international practices.

The Chair's activities cover:

  • training of engineers in the field of energy saving and renewable energy sources;
  • developing curricula integrated into the world system, recommendations for training engineers in energy saving and renewable energies;
  • preparing and publishing lit­erature on education, methodol­ogy and research summarizing specific international experience and expertise;
  • organizing lectures, practical and laboratory classes for stu­dents and specialists of various specialties, in which foreign in­structors can also be involved;
  • establishing of specialized university laboratories;
  • establishing specialized prob­lem-oriented courses to profes­sionally improve and retrain en­gineers currently employed in industry;
  • arranging international con­tacts aimed at training special­ists abroad and drawing upon specific international experience;
  • coordinating activities of various domestic and foreign organizations involved in spe­cialist training;
  • coordinating and implementing research projects, including problem-oriented ones undertaken together with foreign partners enlightening and awareness building;
  • de­veloping information, training and scientific computer programmes and databases in­tegrated into the global information system;
  • organizing problem-related educational and methodological and scientific workshops, seminars, conferences and meetings.