Natalia Khutskaya

Natalia Khutskaya, Candidate of Science (Engineering) – associate professor of UNESCO Chair “Energy Conservation and Renewable Energies”,

N. Khutskaya graduated from the Faculty of Power Engineering, Department of Thermal Power Plants at the Byelorussian Polytechnical Institute (now Belarusian National Technical University.) in 1974.

1974-1977 – Design Engineer, All-Union R&D Institute for industrial Power, the Byelorussian Section,Minsk.

1977-1980 - Post Graduate Student, Byelorussian Polytechnical Institute,

Since 1980, she has worked at the Belarusian National Technical University.

Defended her candidate thesis “Heat transfer and Hydrodynamical Charachteristics of the air-water flows inside the channels” in 1984. She has held the academic status of Associate Professor since 1991.

Fields of scientific activity include: biomass combustion/co-combustion and thermochemical conversion for heat and energy production, elaboration and analysis of heat and power production perspective schemes with thermochemical wet biomass conversion.

Has more than 80 scientific publications, including 3 patents, 1 monograph..

The member of the Council on defense of Ph.D. and Doctor Theses on specialty “Mechanics of Fluids, Gas, and Plasma”.

Teaches courses in “Thermodynamics” and “Basic of Energy Saving”.